After I block an email address in Gmail, does the emails go to spam?

Unfortunately, yes

Yes, when you block an email address in Gmail, any future emails from that address will be sent to your spam folder. This means that the emails are not deleted, but rather, they are automatically filtered and moved to your spam folder. It is important to note that the blocking feature in Gmail is not the same as deleting an email. The email still exists in your spam folder and can be accessed if needed. If you want to completely delete the emails, you will need to manually delete them from your spam folder.

  • Why is BYE! Different

    We built BYE! Gmail block extension to address the common frustration of ineffective blocking on Gmail. Our extension detects and clears out any blocked email from the system, ensuring that they are completely removed from your inbox. With our one-click spam and trash cleaning feature, you no longer have to worry about manually going through your spam and trash folders and being exposed to unwanted emails. Our extension takes care of everything with just one click, making the process of managing your inbox more efficient and stress-free.